President’s Welcome

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Welcome to the Tasmanian Principals Association (TPA) and thank you for visiting our website.The TPA is a highly respected professional association which exists to provide support to public school leaders and a thriving public education system. The TPA focuses on support, professional learning and advocacy for Tasmanian government school leaders by:

  • Developing position statements on major issues, communicating views to the wider education community.
  • Facilitating regular meetings, forums, conferences and seminars for the advancement of education and the professional development of members.

  • Networking with organisations and individuals who share a common commitment to government education.

The TPA is recognised by government, Department of Education, media and the non-government school sector as the balanced and respected voice of Tasmanian government school leaders.

If you would like further information about our Association when you finish your journey of our website please contact us at 

Mat Grining, President